Scale Coldfusion with Open-Source Terracotta Distributed Caching for Ehcache

"With Ehcache library embedded in Coldfusion from the early days, and easily made available to developers through simple tags and patterns, Coldfusion applications of all types have long benefited from easy-to-implement performance improvements using this powerful open-source caching API. But what about stepping up to the next level and turbo-charging your Coldfusion application clusters with true distributed caching using the easily pluggable Open-Source Terracotta server for Ehcache, which now comes with unlimited Open-Source Offheap for even more scalability.

Wether you want to replicate session and authentication data across your cluster (removing the need for sticky sessions), or simply cache DB queries or ORM entities for instant application performance, distributed caching with Terracotta for Ehcache can drastically help. And it's easy to implement since all access to Terracotta is conveniently made through the standard Ehcache API that is already used by Adobe Coldfusion. All you need are a couple of configuration changes in Ehcache configuration to make it all work.

This presentation will first summarize the Coldfusion caching basics, and will evolve towards advanced caching techniques across application clusters (cache replications, distributed caching), and particularly will discuss the benefits of using Terracotta to simplify distributed caching across your CF application clusters.

What the audience will learn: 1) Review of JAVA JVM's memory concepts, current Coldfusion Ehcache caching features, and limitations 2) Difference and advantages / disadvantages between standalone caching, replicated caching, and Distributed caching 3) How OSS Terracotta Server seamlessly extends Ehcache for powerful/reliable distributed caching solution 4) Review some of the Terracotta features related to high-availability, strong or eventual data consistencies, transactions, continuous backup to disks, etc... 4) What is Terracotta's offheap, and how it enables OSS Terracotta server's JVM process to store/access much larger amounts (100s GB, even TBs) of data in-memory without extra Garbage collection issues. 5) How to setup/enable OSS Terracotta Server for your Coldfusion applications 6) How to monitor it all 8) Demo

  1. Things the audience should ideally already know prior to attending your session 1) Coldfusion out-of-the-box caching techniques 2) Ehcache API 2) Notions of Java's memory management and lifecycle 4) ORM concepts (hibernate) and 2nd level caching"

November 9, 2015

9:45 am - 10:45 am
1 hour
Bristlecone 7 & 8
Chief Solutions Architect
Terracotta, a Software AG company