Go Commando, with CommandBox! CLI + REPL + Package Manager for CFML

"As software craftsman, we need to make sure we have good tools. That’s what makes us productive, saves unnecessary work, and helps our teams work cohesively. Here’s where a lot of our tooling falls short:

Power and expressiveness Sharing and acquiring code with the community Productivity through automation

A GUI may provide the lowest entry barrier and initial intuitiveness, but it always comes with limits and restrictions to what you can do, and how easily/quickly you can do it. A Command Line Interface (CLI) is a common paradigm with a simple interface that can support any number of commands for all the common tasks you perform on a daily basis.

Sharing code and installing it is something we’ve done for years, but it should be easy, standardized, and scriptable. This is where a package manager comes into play. It allows you to quickly acquire the libraries you need while seamlessly handling any dependencies. And the best part of it being accessible via the command line is that you can script these installations and perform them over again at any time the exact same way. Even checking for new versions of all your libraries can be done in a single command.

A CLI, REPL, and Package Manager aim to help you be better, faster, and more powerful at everything you do. That’s why you should come get introduced CommandBox, a new CLI tool for CFML developers that does everything we just talked about and more. Go Commando!

Install and run CommandBox Use the REPL Use the package manager Use code generators Start up the embedded server Creating custom commands Using recipes

Previous experience with a CLI or package manager such as NPM will make these concepts more familiar."

November 10, 2015

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm
1 hour
Bristlecone 5
ColdBox Platform Evangelist
Ortus Solutions, Corp