ColdFusion and NoSQL

Using ColdFusion libraries we can now interact with noSQL database. We can manage data using ColdFusion structure and persist easily onto database.

A little about noSQL:

Due to the surge in web application usage, service oriented architecture adoption etc., the amount of data to be stored in database has grown by leaps and bound. It was difficult to manage this huge amount of data generated in SQL database systems, especially when it came to scalability and availability. This was majorly due to its design structure and its basic intrinsic nature to abide to schema which led to creation of noSQL database systems. NoSQL systems are simple in their design and store data in key-value, document or graph data structure . They provide good scalability, availability which are key for web applications along with many other advantages.

In this session, we shall know how to develop a web application using ColdFusion and noSQL, explore more on noSQL concepts, design and modeling of data.

Audience will learn : • NoSql database concepts with focus on few widely used noSQL databases • Its relevance in current web application development • Effective data models to support application needs • Interacting with noSql database using ColdFusion • Simple workflow and application development using ColdFusion and noSQL

Audience should know basic database concepts and have exposure to ColdFusion language constructs

November 10, 2015

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
1 hour
Bristlecone 7 & 8
Lead Software Engineer