Tim Cunningham

Vice-President of Operations
Primoris Services

Tim Cunningham speaks fluent nerd, as he endeavors to bridge the two worlds of geek culture and corporate America. Forged in the flames of programming at the tender age of 13, he used his Kaypro computer (the same brand Arthur C. Clarke used to write ""2010: A Space Odyssey"") and dBase2 to help manage his parents family business with a homespun inventory program.

An early adopter of ColdFusion he currently works as Vice-President of Operations at Primoris Services, a payment processing software company.

In his personal life, Tim loves his nerdy little family, DC Comics, Cosplay, beer brewing and above all Dr Who."

November 9, 2015

11:00 am - 12:00 pm
1 hour
Bristlecone 7 & 8